What is MUA?

It’s not really scary

MUA is a non-surgical treatment for patients suffering from a wide range of problems including chronic back pain, headache, neck pain and extremity pain associated with injury, stress and degenerative disease.

For most patients, regular chiropractic adjustments coupled with good nutrition and possibly some light rehab or exercise works wonders. Patients generally experience dramatic pain relief in just a few visits and recover full mobility without drugs or surgery in 30 to 90 days. But for a few, the news isn’t quite so good.

Patients with more severe injuries, badly herniated or degenerated spinal discs, or long-standing problems that have gone untreated, sometimes don’t respond as well to traditional care.

If you ask most doctors or most chiropractors, these are the cases that usually end up in surgery or use cortisone injections and drug therapies to control their pain. Unfortunately, those alternatives have serious risks and side effects that many find unacceptable.

However, the doctors at New City Chiropractic Center are among a select few in Rockland County who can offer patients this little known alternative that has made all the difference for a large number of them.

MUA stands for Manipulation under Anesthesia

Now don’t panic! We know the “A” word can sound a little scary. But sedation for MUA is light and your entire treatment protocol normally consists of only 3 treatments lasting only about 10 minutes each!

Trust in the care of licensed and certified Medical Professionals.

MUA treatment for chronic painYour MUA treatment will take place in a Highly Accredited Surgical Center where you will be in the care of not one but three attending physicians who will perform specific muscle stretches and adjustments in an atmosphere where you will be more responsive, eliminating resistance and allowing the muscle to be less constricted.

Not only that, but MUA is a proven medical procedure that has been used successfully for more than 60 years. It's a procedure that IS covered by most major insurance providers.

Despite these advantages, the treatment had fallen into comparative disuse as contemporary surgical and drug therapies became more popular with orthopedists and other physicians — perhaps because it’s a manipulative therapy that is far less costly than surgery or protracted chemical pain management programs.

Yet over the years, it has consistently proven MORE EFFECTIVE for chronic pain and stiffness than surgery or risky drug therapies.

More recently, concerns about the costs and effectiveness of back surgery, the inherent risks associated with pain management drugs, and a resurgence of interest in less invasive, more natural and less costly alternatives has given rise to an increase in MUA treatments in many surgical centers and hospitals around the country.

80% to 90% of qualified patients achieve profound, lasting relief of symptoms with MUA.

Why does MUA work when other treatments fail?

MUA is effective at treating chronic and acute conditions such as neck and back pain, joint pain, muscle spasm, shortened muscles, herniated and bulging discs, sciatica and more. While most patients respond to standard chiropractic adjustments, some injuries are more severe and are complicated by built-up scar tissue and fibrous adhesions around joints and in muscles.

By sedating the patient, the doctors are able to perform deep stretches and manipulations that would not be possible without the complete relaxation that sedation provides. These manipulations provide the following therapeutic benefits:

  • Break up scar tissue and adhesions surrounding spinal joints that have been caused by injuries or previous surgeries.
  • Decrease or eliminate chronic muscle spasms
  • Allow for deeper, more effective manipulation of injured areas
  • Stretch persistent shortened muscles, tendons and ligaments for permanent healing
  • Relieve pain from damaged intervertebral discs

Best of all you’ll sleep comfortably through your treatment under the careful watch of a board-certified anesthesiologist and two treating physicians.

Who is a candidate for MUA?

Only a qualified orthopedist or chiropractic physician can determine whether you may be helped by Manipulation under Anesthesia therapy. But if you have been suffering with debilitating pain for an extended period of time and have undergone conventional treatments for six to eight weeks without significant improvement or are dependent on pain-relieving drugs to maintain a semblance of normal activity — even if you’ve experienced a failed back surgery — MUA should be considered as an affordable alternative to more surgery or drugs.

manipulation under anesthesiaMUA can effectively treat the following conditions:

  • Back Pain
  • Herniated Disc
  • Bulging Disc
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Arthritis of the Spine
  • Bone Spurs
  • Pinched Nerve
  • Scar Tissue
  • Foraminal Stenosis
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Facet Disease
  • Sciatica

MUA patients SAVE MONEY, too!

Compared to surgery and drawn-out chemical therapies, MUA is very affordable. It even compares favorably with other chiropractic treatments like decompression therapy. And, MUA is covered by most insurance plans, unlike some other chiropractic procedures.

And so for you...what will it mean to you to be pain-free?

Maybe it’s a long walk at sunset, drinking in orange and purple rays as the sun sneaks below the horizon.

Maybe it’s a football game with the guys on Thursday night after a long day at the office.

Maybe it’s picking up your children or grandchildren the way you use to.

Maybe it’s just the freedom to do what you want, when you want, without worrying constantly if you’ll be able to make it through, due to that constant, nagging pain.

Whatever it is, it’s worth picking up the phone for your FREE, no-risk appointment — to get your life back.

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